Food and Wine

The Canavese cuisine has its roots in agricultural traditions. Between the most typical dishes, you can savour the bagna cauda- an incredibly tasty sauce made of cream, garlic and anchovies-, filled onions, caponet – delicious cabbage rolls-, cabbage soup- a classic of the fall season. Canavese confectioners and bakers are the depositories of secret and ancient recipes. Between the variegate choice of delicious desserts you will find the rhum canavesani, chocolate eporediesi, la polenta d’Ivrea, torcetti, canestrelli, paste di meglia, bunet, chocolate salami. A must is the exclusive torta 900, an exquisite chocolate creamy cake created by the renowned baker Ottavio Bertinotti and produced today in Balla pastry shop located on just in front the river Dora Baltea. The recipe is protected by a patent and is still nowadays a secret.

The Canavese is a land famous for its wine D.O.C. produce by local farms and agritourisms. Between the most well -known vine variety is the Erbaluce, cultivated in 36 locations in the Turin municipality and from which 3 main wines are produced: erbaluce D.O.C., white dry wine and Passito. Tra i più famosi il vitigno erbaluce, coltivato il 36 comuni in provincia di Torino, dal quale si producono 3 tipologie di vino: l’erbaluce D.O.C., il vino bianco secco, Spumante Passito. Other renowned wines are the Nebbiolo, produced in the municipality of Carema, and the Barbera.

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