Ivrea, Olivetti and the Carnival

The city of Ivrea, crossed by the river Dora Baltea (world renowned for canoing competitions), is the Canavese main city and is listed between the 20 most beautiful Italian cities crossed by a river. The City and its recent history are deeply connected to the Olivetti which was a leading manufacturer of typewriters and computers characterized by its attention to design, technical excellence and social responsibility. Adriano Olivetti, son of the founder Camillo Olivetti, is one of the most influent characters of the Italian post War period.

The architectonical legacy of the Olivetti left in Ivrea the testimony of one of the most elevated italian industrial projects of the XX century. Adriano Olivetti, attentive to innovation and design, commissioned the industrial complex ICO to Figini and Pollini, two young architects who brought to Ivrea the best of rationalist architecture.

Ivrea host every year a world renowned festival, the historical Ivrea Carnival and its famous oranges battle. History, traditions, emotions and ideals are melt together this historical commemoration of the civil war that broke out between the people of Ivrea and the Royal Napoleonic Troops the day after the murder of hated tyrant Raineri di Biandrate, slayed by the daughter of the miller of the city.

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